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Multi Influence Underwater Sensors

muws16MUWS16 Sensor Mounted on Tripod under
Diverless Deployment

muws16-ribMUWS16 Sensor RIB Deployable

We design and manufacture a series of MUWS sensor solutions that provide high performance measurement of vessel underwater signatures.

Our Sensor solutions are fully proven and in service worldwide. The Sensors can be readily deployed / recovered and we are also able to offer portable solutions that do not require the use of divers.

Sensors can be either permanently fixed to the seabed or installed on purpose built mounting platforms where a rapid "deploy and recover" system is demanded. The platforms have been designed and developed to accommodate all types of seabed conditions.

Sensors can automatically measure and compensate for their reference attitude on the seabed. They are extremely compact and able to withstand harsh underwater environments for extended periods of time.

MUWS sensors are available to measure the following influences and can be configured to meet customer specific requirements:

  • 3 Axis Magnetic (Static and Alternating)
  • 3 Axis Electric (Static and Alternating)
  • Pressure
  • Acoustic
  • Seismic