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Magnetic Test Facilities

Aerial View of Test facilitiesAerial View of Test facilities

Helmholtz Coil System and Hood for Magnetometer Temperature CharacterisationHelmholtz Coil System and Hood for
Magnetometer Temperature Characterisation

Non magnetic Precision TurntableNon magnetic Precision Turntable

We have designed & built bespoke Magnetic Test facilities in order to calibrate and test our High Performance Magnetic Sensors & Magnetometers.

These Test Facilities are located on green-field land, in order to distance them from the magnetic distortions produced by standard buildings and power supplies.

The test facilities are in non-magnetic (fibreglass) huts, located in Staffordshire on the edge of Cannock Chase – a 26 square mile Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We have a number of these huts in order to accommodate the throughput of magnetometers which reflect different test requirements. Each hut is located on land that has been magnetically surveyed and had any local anomalies removed. The huts contain bespoke test equipment produced by us for each specific application. High Performance Magnetometers are utilised to measure and cancel the Earth's magnetic field (and variations), and to verify correct operation and calibration of the facility. Equipment Calibration is traceable to National Standards.

Some of the bespoke test equipment in the huts is shown in the pictures on the left.

The site also houses the Space Magnetometer Laboratory owned by the Space and Atmospheric Physics Department of Imperial College London. The facilities, which were provided by Ultra Electronics, are used to build and calibrate magnetic field experiments for space missions. Good characterisation of the instruments on the ground before flight is essential for effective in-flight calibration of the instruments in space. The laboratory includes a 3 axis Helmholtz coil facility for characterising the instruments over a temperature range of -50°C to 125°C and a low field, stable temperature test environment for long-term drift measurements.

Further information on the Space magnetometer Laboratory can be found HERE