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Magnetic Sensors for Navigation

Family of Off the Shelf Heading SensorsFamily of Off the Shelf Heading SensorsAMR 1 Heading Reference SensorGT3R7146axis Our Magnetic Sensors provide accurate navigational information for airborne platforms.

The magnetometer measures Earth's magnetic field in 3 vectors (x, y & z) and works in conjunction with other on-board sensing elements that measure the air frame vertical reference.

The navigation/flight control computer combines this data and computes an accurate heading reference.

Our range of 3-Axis Magnetometers have been designed to provide high precision vector measurement of the ambient magnetic field and are widely utilised in Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS).

Fluxgate sensing elements and electronics are integrated in a small single package with Built-in-Test (BIT) included. Outputs are protected against short circuit and are filtered to improve resistance to EMC.

The products incorporate the latest Fluxgate Magnetometer circuit design providing high precision magnetic field measurement. Field proportional analogue voltage outputs are generated which are suitable for integration with modern electronic data acquisition systems. The 3-axis outputs can be used with pitch and roll attitude data (from the platform) in order to determine magnetic heading data.

We produce a range of different Magnetic Sensors, all of which utilise similar Fluxgate Elements and associated circuitry. The variations accommodate alternative packaging options with different levels of environmental and EMC protection, qualification and different power supply and output voltage configurations.

Our Fluxgate Elements are extremely stable over time, temperature variations and able to handle typical shock and vibration levels. Error terms in our Analogue Output Products are corrected during manufacture using potentiometers or select on test resistors.

Software correction is used for our Digital Output Products.

Typical Applications: Our Magnetic Sensors are used in Spacecraft, Remotely Piloted Air Vehicles, Target Vehicles, Down Borehole Measurement Tools, Harbour Defence & Surveillance and Towed Arrays

Download the ATAHS Data Sheet

Download the VMAG Data Sheet