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Electric Field Sensors

Electric Field Sensors in volume productionElectric Field Sensors in volume production

State of the Art Production Facility
State of the Art Production Facility

Typical E Field Sensor with Storage Cap fittedTypical E Field Sensor with Storage
Cap fitted
Our Electric Field Sensors are used to measure electric fields in seawater with high precision. The technology utilises specially designed Silver-Silver Chloride sensor elements. When used with low noise pre-amplifiers detection in the nV/m range can be achieved.

We can supply individual pairs of Silver-Silver Chloride sensing elements suitable for integration with low noise amplifiers and filters suitable for OEM integration.

Electric Field Sensors in volume production
The Sensors are supplied with a robust storage cap which not only protects the Sensor during transportation and storage it also ensures that the Sensor element is kept in a saline solution critical to its long life and high performance.
We have a state of the art Production Facility where the Sensors are manufactured. We are capable of building 100's of Sensors per month to meet Customer demand.

We are able to attach Customer specific underwater cables. Typical deployment depths are down to 4000 metres and the Sensors have been designed to withstand the pressure at this depth. We are also able to offer E Field Sensors suitable for use on land.

Typical Applications:

Our E Field Sensors are typically used for taking Geophysical measurements, Prospecting, Oceanographic studies, Long range detection and surveillance, Ship signature ranging and
Management and corrosion detection on underwater assets.

Download the Underwater Electric Field Measurement Data Sheet