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Propulsion Systems

Ever more stringent environmental regulations and the escalating cost of fuel are driving the need for more fuel efficient propulsion systems with lower emissions. With ships spending a significant amount of their operational time at low propulsion powers there is a need for a high efficiency cruise propulsion system.

We have developed a range of electric cruise propulsion systems that capitalise on our ability to produce high efficiency, compact, robust and reliable power dense electronics. These propulsion systems utilise the 'spare' electrical capacity of the ship's service electrical systems thereby eliminating the need to operate the main propulsion engines during low power operations.

We supply complete cruise propulsion systems, incorporating our novel power dense motor technology originally developed for its Gas Turbine Electric Start system. Our power dense motors can be built into the gearbox and be cooled using the lube oil system thereby further reducing the propulsion system's footprint. Where space and weight are not an issue, we can substitute our power dense motors with traditional electric motors.

Our cruise propulsion systems are ideally suited for Corvette and OPV sized vessels and those that operate in the littorals.

Download the Hybrid Electric Power and Propulsion Systems data sheet