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Power Conversion and Control

Capitalising on our proud heritage in the design, development and supply of high integrity, high efficiency, power dense Power Conversion systems, we provide a wide range of specialist solutions for the nuclear (civil and military), low carbon and renewable energy markets, which includes a range of variable speed motor controllers, static power and static frequency converters.

Whilst solid-state electrical power supplies are more flexible and tolerant of damage (including battle damage) than hydraulic systems, as well as being more reliable, smaller and lighter than rotary converters, thermal and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) problems increase with packing density. We achieve the required high packaging densities without detriment to waste heat removal or compromising shock and vibration tolerance or Electro-Magnetic Compatibility by using a suite of powerful modelling tools that includes computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation, coupled with decades of experience. Whilst this approach reduces design risk, Ultra Electronics PMES also has comprehensive on-site test facilities that include EMC testing, ensuring that compliance within specified limits is achieved.

The PMES range of power converters were originally designed for naval applications with reliability and operability in this harsh environment well in excess of commercial equivalents. We have been providing and supporting equipment to UK ship and submarine programmes for many years. Today, this level of rugged, reliability is now available for non-naval applications.

By assessing factors such as reliability, maintainability, safety and human engineering, we offer our customers cost effective solutions as well as complete equipment support. These solutions include:

  • Inverters and converters;
  • Solid-state frequency converters;
  • Variable speed drives;
  • Bespoke power supplies;
  • Specialist control consoles; and
  • Aircraft ground service systems (to provide external independent electrical power to support aircraft while their engines are shut down).

Download the Static Frequency Converter (SFC) data sheet

Download the Aircraft Ground Servicing Systems (AGSS) data sheet

Download the Power-Dense Motor Drives (PDMD) data sheet

Download the Power-Dense Electric Motors (PDEM) data sheet