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Onboard Degaussing

Our advanced signature control systems include on-board degaussing and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP). Degaussing coil and ICCP design is achieved using finite element (FE) and boundary element (BE) methods which cost-effectively minimise platform electromagnetic signatures, providing superior performance with minimal vessel impact and power usage.

Signature analysis and magnetic and electric field modelling capability, together with an integrated signature management (ISM) capability is offered to navies worldwide.

This expertise is complemented by a range of magnetic field measurement products, instruments and high precision Sensors, including multi-influence range sensors, magnetometers for airborne platforms and Underwater Vehicles, and electric field arrays for the mapping of hydrocarbon fields and underwater pipelines. Our magnetic sensor products are based on 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer technology with applications for heading reference, laboratory instruments and specialised monitoring and control applications.

We offer tailored solutions and systems for land, sea and space applications.

We have over thirty years experience in the field giving us unrivalled knowledge and understanding of customers' needs, the design and utilisation of electromagnetic countermeasures and the importance of precise measurement and control.

Training courses in signature management and control are also available.

Download the Signature Management Data Sheet

Download the Signature Management & Corrosion Protection Data Sheet