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Magnetic Treatment

To achieve as low as possible Magnetic Signature it is necessary to reduce the permanent magnetic field of steel hulled vessels. Not only does this reduce the size and power required of the Onboard degaussing system, it also makes the vessel more difficult to detect and provides protection from the 'Mine Threat'.

PMES are expert at designing and supplying Magnetic Treatment Facilities that reduce the permanent component of the vessels Magnetic Signature. These range from Drive-in, purpose built facilities; through Over-run, sea bed installed systems more suited to magnetically softer steel vessels due to the low field level from sea bed coils; to 'Close Wrap', fixed or portable solutions with or without separate electrical generators. Each has advantages and disadvantages and the choice of system is a balance of cost versus performance.

We would be delighted to discuss these options and tailor a solution to satisfy your requirements and budget.

Download the Magnetic Treatment & Perming data sheet