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Gas Turbine Electric Start

PMES is pioneer and world leader in the design and supply of electric starting systems for industrial and marine gas turbines. Our Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES) systems replace the traditional hydraulic or pneumatic start systems and deliver significant improvements in efficiency and reliability as well as reduced through life costs. Our GTES systems can be programmed to deliver optimum starting torques and ramp speed profiles that significantly reduce the gas turbine starting stresses. In addition, our GTES can 'fly catch' and produce a wide range of operating profiles which include breakaway, inspection, purge and cool down. Each GTES system is optimised to match the gas turbine's performance requirements and bespoke solutions can be provided for any gas turbine.

Our system is clutch less and therefore has a significant advantage over our rivals in that it can generate electricity once the gas turbine has started. The optional regenerative mode makes the gas turbine independent of other electrical systems, thus providing resilience of operation. The regenerative mode can be expanded to include power converters and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to support the gas turbines auxiliary loads and provide a 'black start' capability.