Signature management


We provide signature analysis and magnetic and electric field modelling capability, together with an integrated signature management (ISM) capability to navies worldwide.

Our advanced signature control systems include on-board degaussing and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).

Degaussing coil and ICCP design is achieved using finite element (FE) and boundary element (BE) methods which cost-effectively minimises platform electromagnetic signatures, providing superior performance with minimal vessel impact and power usage.

Signature management capabilities & products

Magnetic treatment and deperming
Magnetic treatment and deperming Image

Each Magnetic Treatment Facility (MTF) comprises a set of coils to produce the de-magnetising field, power supplies, a control office and sensors to measure the vessel’s residual magnetism. We design and supply the magnetic treatment aspects of all types of MTF: ‘Drive-in, permanent installations;

  • Over-run, permanent, seabed structures;
  • Close wrap
    • Fixed
    • Semi-fixed
    • Portable
  • Land based for vehicles and equipment

We work closely with the selected civil engineering company to advise on the design, location and building materials used in permanent installations to ensure magnetic hygiene is considered from concept design to execution. We also provide consultancy services on request.

Magnetic measurement
Magnetic measurement Image

Whilst magnetic treatment and on-board degaussing systems reduce the vessel’s magnetic signature, it is equally important to know the magnetic signature of installed equipment.

This is particularly true for GRP or wooden hull vessels where the vessel’s magnetic signature is likely to be driven by installed equipment. We are experts in designing and supplying land-based magnetic management facilities.

We work closely with the customer to ensure that the chosen site is suitable (magnetically stable and quiet area); design a purpose built non-magnetic building and supply all the measuring equipment; survey and control all materials used in the facility construction; oversee the construction and installation of measurement coil assemblies; and install the magnetometers, data acquisition, computer and control systems, remote displays and CCTV system.