We have over thirty years’ experience in providing sensor solutions to customers worldwide with products established on platforms in space, in the air, on land and underwater.

Sensors capabilities & products

Electric field sensors
Electric field sensors Image

Our electric field sensors are used to measure electric fields in seawater with high precision. The technology utilises specially designed Silver-Silver Chloride sensor elements. When used with low noise pre-amplifiers, detection in the nV/m range can be achieved.

Typical applications:

Our E Field sensors are typically used for taking geophysical measurements, prospecting, oceanographic studies, long range detection and surveillance, ship signature ranging, management and corrosion detection and underwater assets.

Magnetometers for navigation systems
Magnetometers for navigation systems Image

We supply a range of high performance magnetometers for navigation systems capable of being integrated platforms. We can also provide the electronic circuitry which will enable integration between the navigation system and flight management system.

During testing and calibration of the fluxgate, correction terms are derived to enable the mechanical misalignment, scale factor and offset terms to be corrected. We can supply these terms to enable error correction in software after digitization of the magnetometer outputs.

Magnetometer outputs can be converted to the magnetic field levels using the data supplied in the form of a correction matrix and three offset voltages.

Magnetic sensors for navigation
Magnetic sensors for navigation Image

Our range of 3-axis magnetometers have been designed to provide high precision vector measurement of the ambient magnetic field and are widely utilized in Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS).

We produce a range of magnetic sensors, all of which utilise similar Fluxgate Elements and associated circuitry. The variations accommodate alternative packaging options with different levels of environmental and EMC protection, qualification and different power supply and output voltage configurations.

Our Fluxgate Elements are extremely stable over time, and its temperature variations are able to handle typical shock and vibration levels. Error terms in our Analogue Output Products are corrected during manufacture using potentiometers or select on test resistors.

Software correction is used for our Digital Output Products.

Typical applications: spacecraft, remotely piloted air vehicles, target vehicles, down borehole measurement tools, harbour defence and surveillance and towed arrays.

Magnetic test facilities
Magnetic test facilities Image

We have designed and built bespoke magnetic test facilities in order to calibrate and test our high performance magnetic sensors.

We have a number of facilities to accommodate the throughput of magnetometers which reflect different test requirements. Each test facility is located on land that has been magnetically surveyed and had any local anomalies removed. The facilities contain bespoke equipment produced by us for each specific application.

High performance magnetometers are utilized to measure and cancel the Earth’s magnetic field (and variations), and to verify correct operation and calibration of the facility. Calibration is traceable to national standards.

Multi influence underwater sensors
Multi influence underwater sensors Image

Our multi-influence Measurement of Underwater Signature (MUWS) sensor solutions provide mission-critical high performance vessel underwater signatures. They are fully proven and in service worldwide.

Our sensor platforms have been designed and developed to accommodate all types of sea bed conditions. They can be permanently fixed to the sea bed or installed on purpose-built mounting platforms where a rapid “deploy and recover” system is demanded.

Our multi-influence MUWS sensors are available as 3-Axis Magnetic (Static and Alternating) and 3-Axis Electric (Static and Alternating) and can be configured to meet customer-specific pressure, acoustic and seismic requirements.

EOD Magnetic Test Set Instrument
 EOD Magnetic Test Set Instrument Image

Our EOD Magnetic Test Set has been designed to check items of equipment for magnetic cleanliness to a predetermined safe level. Examples of equipment may include diver clothing, special tools, general materials and clearance equipment.

The EOD magnetic test set is fully man portable and is supplied in a robust, environmentally sealed, lightweight container. The unit is powered by internal batteries, can be setup for operation quickly and is simple to use.

The portability of the EOD Magnetic Test Set allows the clearance diver to check any article of equipment immediately prior to operations.

The EOD Magnetic Test Set has been in service with all three UK military Forces and is also operated by other defence forces around the word. Its full operational value has been proven in recent international conflicts.