Power conversion & control


We have over 40 years’ experience in providing mission critical, high integrity solutions. Our power conversion & control capabilities are established on a wide variety of applications from the Royal Navy’s ships and submarines, through offshore patrol vessels and commercial ships.

We provide:

  • Inverters and converters
  • Solid-state frequency converters
  • Variable speed drives
  • Bespoke power supplies
  • Reactor control systems
  • Specialist control consoles

Power conversion & control capabilities & products

Static Frequency Converters
Static Frequency Converters Image

The PMES range of 400Hz SFC’s are designed specifically for naval ship-board applications, giving them a reliability and compatibility in these harsh environments well in excess of commercial equivalents.

Key aspects of design include:-

  • EMC Compliance
  • Climatic rating
  • Severe shock and vibration resistance due to mechanical construction
  • Operational reliability
  • Flexibility to meet non-standard requirements