We are a UK leader in the supply of high quality power products and solutions for power applications. Our future-proof value propositions are designed using the latest design applications and can be offered as complete turnkey solutions.

Industrial power applications capabilities & products

Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES)
Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES) Image

We have developed, tested and certified (ATEX/CSA/CE) and successfully demonstrated a series of production units for Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES) applications. The GTES system replaces the traditional hydraulic or pneumatic start systems for gas turbine with an electric drive and motor. This delivers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduced through life costs. Our GTES system can be programmed to deliver optimum starting torques and ramp speed profiles that significantly reduce the gas turbine starting stresses.

Our GTES solution, comprising a power dense motor and drive, is an inherently smaller and compact motor solution than industry alternatives. The system requires minimal maintenance and has been specifically designed to operate under extreme temperature and in high vibration conditions.

We currently supply GTES solutions for industrial starter applications and have successfully started the latest generation of naval gas turbines, designed for use by both the US Navy and the Royal Navy.

Key features include:

  • Small compact design offering significant space and weight savings
  • Service interval 30,000 hours
  • Power densities of 1.6kw/kg
  • Continuous speed rating of 13,000 RPM
  • Torque: continuous rating of 560Nm
  • Torque: start/break away of up to 900Nm
  • Regenerative mode capability
Metro and mainline power systems
Metro and mainline power systems Image

Our Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) and Modular TRUs are designed and built in-house, offering a very compact footprint suitable for installation on sites with limited space. We have supplied over 600 units including across Network Rail, the London Underground, Dockland Light Rail and Manchester Metro.

Power ratings range from 0.5 to 7.5MW at 630 to 3000Vdc and are available in 6, 12, 24 pulse; series/parallel bridge configurations. The rectifier transformers can be supplied as AN, ONAN, KNAN, Cast Resin suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

System overload are in compliance with EN 50328/9, EN 60146, ANSI C34.

Traction power substations
Traction power substations Image

We are the leading UK provider of traction power substations, where the AC, DC and rectifier equipment is integrated into one modular ‘plug and play’ substation.

We have successfully delivered over 45 ‘plug and play’ substations for a number of UK Metro and Light Rail schemes with our key customers including Manchester Metrolink, Network Rail Ebbsfleet and Docklands Light Rail Scheme.

Our fully integrated substations provide:

  • Reduced costs compared to brick-based substations or procurement of separate AC, DC and rectifier modules
  • Delivery to site of a fully tested substation
  • Less materials required, troughing and cabling and civils works
  • Reduced installation, integration and commissioning time on site
Module ‘back-up’ traction power module
Module ‘back-up’ traction power module Image

We recognize the impact of traction power failure to tram and train operators is significant, resulting in loss of service, revenue and poor passenger satisfaction. To address this need, we have developed a mobile traction power module capable of providing back-up power to a DC network in the event of substation supply failure. The module can be delivered to site on a standard articulated lorry or low loader.

The module is capable of deployment on site within two hours without the need of a crane to offload. Hydraulic jacks are utilized to lower the module to the desired position to facilitate simple HV/DC cable connections and to accommodate varying site conditions.

Key features:

  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Configurable to operate from 11kV, 22kV input supplies
  • Power rating up to 2MW at 750V or 630V DC
  • Deployable on-site within two hours
  • No crane required to offload
  • Hydraulic jacks to deploy module to suit site conditions and cable entry
  • Option for integrated AC/DC switchgear and associated protection

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