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Power Transformers

PMES - Power Transformers (previously known as Transmag Power Transformers Ltd) have many years experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of bespoke transformers, reactors and specialist equipment, at ratings of up to 40MVA and voltage levels up to 36kV.

We provide our customers with solutions to meet their individual requirements, manufactured and type tested to any standard and specification.

We supply oil filled transformers and flame proof approved transformers, manufactured by our highly skilled and experienced team in our fully equipped 3,000m2 production facility.

Our products are used in a variety of industries, including:

• Power transmission & distribution
• Rail traction
• Renewable energy - offshore/onshore wind wave & tidal
• Mining
• Petrochemicals
• Marine/Defence
• Glass, aluminium and steel smelting

Our product range includes:

• Liquid filled power transformers - mineral oil, midel, silicon di-electric and other cooling fluids
• Air cooled - dry type, natural convection and forced-air cooled
• Korndorffer, motor start Auto-transformers
• Starting reactors
• Earthing auxiliary transformers
• Transformer Services - on site and factory based
• Flame proof enclosed transformers
• Mineral oil and synthetic oil filled transformers up to 36kV and 40MVA power rating
• Earthing & Auxiliary Transformers
• Neutral Earthing Transformers (NET)